Koç Information and Defence Technologies Inc. (KBS) is developing submarine effective torpedo countermeasure systems against the modern torpedo threats.

KBS is proud of having the responsibilities for Torpedo Countermeasure Systems while conducting all necessary development and integration activities within new submarine production and/or modernisation projects. KBS is developing all critical elements/units of Torpedo Countermeasure Systems such as Detection, lassification, and Localization (DCL) software, Tactics and Reaction (T&R) software, Torpedo Engagement Modelling and Simulation (TEMS) software, Tactical Development Station, Launcher Interface Test Equipment and all Human Machine Interface (HMI) software.

  • - Development of DCL and T&R Software which can easily be integrated with Submarine Command and Control Systems
  • - Integration with all possible launcher systems
  • - Development of HMI Software which can be compatible with all possible Submarine Command and Control Systems
  • - Development of TEMS in order to determine the most effective countermeasure tactics against the threat torpedo including the jammers/decoys launching configuration
  • - Development of software tools which provides the capability to upload the countermeasure tactics and parameters into the system
  • - Development of countermeasure interface simulators which can be used during test and training activities

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