Koç Bilgi ve Savunma Teknolojileri A.Ş. (KoçSavunma) is a tech company that is engaged in the development of electronic systems for naval platforms, especially solutions related to underwater acoustics, and that follows an R&D-based approach.


All KoçSavunma efforts are oriented toward “becoming a leader in the field of underwater acoustic systems with indigenous and innovative solutions”.

Effective and Reliable Products and Services

KoçSavunma offers innovative and competitive solutions in the fields of underwater system design, acoustic signal processing, underwater environmental modelling, acoustic detection-identification and classification, electronic systems design, embedded software applications, data fusion, mechanical product design, modelling, and simulation.


Achieving a localisation rate of over 75 percent, and using no subsystems, components, or materials that are subject to export permits, KoçSavunma is able to reliably meet the needs of end-users in underwater electro-acoustic systems, All the power of the Koç trademark is put behind its aftersales services and technical support, starting with user training, and continuing throughout the lifecycle of the product. At the same time, with its ship-system integration experience, KoçSavunma continues to support the end-user during the integration of its products onto platforms.

Experience that Makes a Difference

KoçSavunma is one of the very few organisations offering underwater acoustic services and products in Turkey and is one of the rare global actors developing cutting-edge technological solutions in the field.


KoçSavunma’s expert human resources stand out as one of its most important self-competences. The team has both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in underwater systems, acoustic signal processing, underwater environment modelling, and acoustic detection, identification, and classification. This experience gives KoçSavunma the edge when needing to come up with effective underwater acoustic solutions in the shortest possible time.


The performance of Underwater Acoustic Systems is affected by various parameters, such as temperature, salinity, depth, sea floor structure, and sea surface roughness, and also by temporal and spatial conditions. In this respect, the modification of the electronic and software designs of acoustic systems according to client requests is an important capability. Thanks to feedback from the field and through fine-tuning through sea tests, the performance of systems is enhanced. Sea tests take 3–4 times longer than preliminary and critical design works when dealing with an underwater acoustic system. KoçSavunma’s experience and know-how in acoustic systems create a difference. The experienced team and the well-established corporate infrastructure and processes applied by KoçSavunma transform field tests from processes in which new phenomena are discovered in the marine environment into activities in which the designs are quickly verified. This ensures outcomes with high end-user satisfaction.


KoçSavunma constantly enhances its experience through its field testing and its measurement and data-collection competencies.

Integral of Technology and Derivatives of Products

KoçSavunma creates derivative systems by recombining its solutions in different ways. KoçSavunma integrates technology and develop variants of the products in its fields of expertise. Accordingly, tailor-made solutions are created rapidly and cost-effectively.

Power of Koç Holding and KoçSistem

Koç Holding is the only Turkish company on the Fortune Global 500 list. KoçSavunma is an affiliate of KoçSistem, which is a Koç Holding company.

Solutions Favoured by Turkish and International End Users

All of KoçSavunma’s solutions have been developed based on indigenous R&D studies. In addition to its own equity, KoçSavunma obtains important support from TÜBİTAK in the creation of infrastructures and its execution of projects, thus ensuring its planned growth.


KoçSavunma continues to develop various indigenous solutions for naval platforms and for underwater warfare that are used either as an independent system or as part of a larger system. KoçSavunma carries out its works as part of a sustainable ecosystem that is based on long-term collaborations and take pride in offering its products and services to the Turkish Ministry of National Defence (MND), the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), and main integrators, as well as to end-users in friendly and allied nations.