Koç Holding

About Koç Holding

Founded in 1926, Koç Holding has always been a step ahead of the changing conditions throughout its journey of over 90 years, which has led him to become one of the largest and most successful groups not only in Turkey, but also in Europe. Pursuing the purposes of compliance with the international standards and continuous development in all of its operations, Koç Group is a prominent world actor that is approaching step by step toward its goal to achieve significant success also in the international arena as it has had in Turkey.

Goals and Principles

Koç Group, together with its employees, aims a solid development and provision of products and services at the universal quality and standards. It aims to be a symbol of reliability, continuity and reputability for its country, customers, business partners, dealers and sub-industries. In this context, Vehbi Koç juxtaposes their goals and principles as follows:


“Our customers are our benefactors.”


Our first priority is to create value for our customers and respond to their expectations in high quality and stability. It is our duty to own our products and support our customers in the post-sale period.


“Always being “the best” is our indispensable goal.


Our main goal is to be the best in quality, service, supply sources, dealer relations and investment options offered to the shareholders as well as preserving our prestige. To achieve this goal, our basic principle is to undertake the managing role in our fields of operation and to be the leader in the market.


Human resources is our most important capital.


Quality of our products and services is a presentation of our employees’ quality. We have been pursuing a path to ensure continuity of Koç Group for generations; that is attracting and recruiting the best personnel and qualified labor force to our Holding, getting the maximum benefit from our personnel’s competencies, strengths and creativities, increasing their efficiency, providing room for them to improve themselves, and creating a working environment that encourages cooperation and solidarity.


Our aim is to create resources for continuous improvement.


Our basic principles include investing in the necessary fields to ensure continuity of services; providing the shareholders with the profit resulting from the capital to encourage the merge of large and small scale savings; creating resources out of our business operations and making no concessions in preventing extravagance through rational usage of the resources to contribute to the economic and social development of our employees and the society.


It is our norm to comply with the outstanding business ethics and honest working principles.


It is our principle to approach with good will and good intentions to all our relations to ensure fair mutual benefits; and to comply with the laws and ethics. Another one of our fundamental principles which we have pioneered and can never give up on is to fulfill our responsibilities towards today’s people as well as the next generations. It is our duty to act with environmental consciousness and spread awareness in Turkey and the rest of the world.


We aim to strengthen the Turkish economy from which we draw our strength.


“I would like to express the basic principle of our Group with the following words:  My constitution is: I exist as long as my state and country exist. If democracy exists, we all exist. We must exert the maximum effort to reinforce the economy of our motherland. As our economy gets stronger, democracy will take better root and our reputation in the world will increase.”


Vehbi Koç