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Data Center Software for Naval Mine Warfareserves for the management and transfer of the tactical and environmental mine warfare data between minehunters and other data centres.

The main capabilities of the Data Center Software for Naval Mine Warfareare:


  • NATO STANAG 1116-compatible Tactical Data Management
  • Data transfer between NATO members and mine hunter vessels.
  • Advanced Geographical Information System layer support (S57, S63, AML, and similar)
  • Advanced query and reporting features
  • Web-based, user-friendly interface running on secure networks

Ready for
International Usage

Thanks to its NATO-competent characteristics and capabilities, the Data Center Software for Naval Mine is ready for use by NATO members. Furthermore, given its adaptivity to different demands, the software is capable of meeting the needs of friendly and allied nations.

Technical Specifications

Comprehensive digital map support (ENC, IENC, ARCS, AML, DNC/VMap, DTED, and ARINC 424)

WCS, WCS, and WMST support

Spatial data usage and geographical query capabilities

Contact correlation

Authorisation options (LDAP or local user)

Effective user and role management

NATO STANAG 1116 compliance

Layer management options

3D map Support

Easy, variable, and adaptive query and reporting

Advanced statistical analyses

Platform-independent architecture

Adaptive and scalable data structure

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Mine Warfare Data Center Software
Ahead of the Competition