Business Partners

KoçSavunma continues its activities within the scope of the “Strategic Cooperation Activities” initiated by the General Directorate of Military Shipyards. Within this framework, KoçSavunma has made applications for seven products that meet the needs specified in the “Materials to be Domesticated Under Strategic Cooperation Agreements” list. Upon assessment, the General Directorate of Military Shipyards determined that the application met the criteria, and a ceremony was held in 2019 for the delivery of a letter of intent by Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defence, to Hakan Başaran, Executive Director of KoçSavunma.


Within the scope of the Strategic Cooperation Activities initiated by the General Directorate of Military Shipyards, it is aimed to develop domestic sources for critical materials and services that are currently procured from abroad. To this end, Strategic Cooperation Agreements are signed with organisations that meet certain criteria in such areas as financial and technical competence, localisation rate, R&D, and production development.  Such organisations are granted exclusivity as Sole Sources for the supply of relevant material and services for a period not exceeding 10 years. KoçSavunma is taking firm steps towards becoming one of these organisations.

Cooperation activities between KoçSavunma and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM continue within the scope of the “General Framework Cooperation Protocol” signed during IDEF’17. The five-year protocol envisages joint activities in areas such as the underwater phones, message handling systems, underwater combat management systems, modelling, and simulation.


The first step taken under the protocol was a license agreement regarding the sale of the Underwater Phone. KoçSavunma has worked on renewing some of the components of this system that had gone out of production and by producing the transducers required by the system, KoçSavunma created an turn-key solution.


Studies and negotiations are continuing into the expansion of cooperation within the scope of the protocol.

The cooperation protocol signed with TRTEST entered into force on 27 June, 2019, recognizing KoçSavunma as a solution partner of TRTEST in the testing of naval platform systems. In this respect, KoçSavunma’s Underwater Detection and Positioning System, Offshore & Inshore Weapon Scoring System, Guided Munition Point of Contact Detection System, and Pressurised Test Tank products are available to the service of the defence sector under the coordination of TRTEST.