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Developing Indigenous Algorithms

According to Needs

The software for underwater acoustics applications, and especially algorithms, play a critical role in KoçSavunma’s systems. KoçSavunma is currently developing its own signal processing algorithms and keeps a close eye on the most recent developments around the world while maintaining its independence.


KoçSavunma designs and develops software for different applications, including acoustic signal processing, sensor applications, acoustic environmental simulation and modelling, embedded systems, database systems, web applications, and mobile applications. Software design and development have been a major activity area of KoçSavunma since the very beginning. Today, different software developed by KoçSavunma is being used successfully in the field on different products.

State-of-the-Art Technologies,

Realtime Applications, Embedded Systems

To meet the needs of the end-user, the software running on KoçSavunma’s solutions must have the most up-to-date algorithms and support current software technologies that are compatible with the other systems with which they are integrated. Additionally, there are some time-critical functions that need to run at speeds that allow them to be accessed in real time. Other applications, however, need to ensure the most effective use of limited hardware resources. KoçSavunma develops software to meet all these different needs.


In its software development efforts, KoçSavunma:


  • uses C/C++, Java & JavaScript
  • develops applications based on Microsoft.Net infrastructure
  • develops software to run on ARM-series processors
  • applies a continuous development / continuous integration method.