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The Underground Environment Model (SORTAM) is a software-based sonar performance modelling simulation tool for the modelling of the underwater propagation of acoustic signals emitted by any active sonar or target by means of propagation models. SORTAM permits the high-fidelity modelling of performance data of both active and passive sonar systems, depending on the environmental conditions.

SORTAM can operate independently without the need for any other systems. SORTAM offers user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for the configuration of environmental and acoustic models with parametric containers and graphical tools. It displays the results of the propagation model along with graphical outputs.


SORTAM can easily be adapted to meet the needs of different users thanks to its open architecture and modular structure.


KoçSavunma’s continues to work to further improve SORTAM with different underwater acoustic and sonar models and web interface add-ons.

Characteristics and Capabilities of SORTAM

Wide-set of parameters, including the most frequently modified sonar parameters

Scenario field generation mechanism

Able to process multiple sound speed profiles depending on the horizontal distance

Identification of sea state on the Beaufort scale depending on the distance of the field

Identification of the sea bottom and surface structure from reflection levels, depending on the distance of the field

Displaying an image of the propagation losses calculated by the acoustic environment model in the defined underwater area as per the result of the ray tracking model, depending on the distance and the environment.

Simulating the progress of rays emitted from an acoustic source at a certain angle.

Calculating and displaying the signal level obtained by the receiver of the pulse reflected from an object in the field

Possible detection percentages are determined depending on the calculated SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) value and the sonar’s detection threshold.

Values of reflection and noise caused by sea surface, sea-bottom, and volume of water.

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