Entire Torpedo Countermeasure Mission Covered
from Generation to the Deployment of Countermeasures

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KoçSavunma’s Torpedo Countermeasure System is the system that is used to protect submarines from torpedo threats. The Torpedo Countermeasure System can be adapted to operate with different command and control systems, acoustic jammers/decoys, and countermeasure launchers. The system ensures that submarines deploy the appropriate countermeasure and make the most appropriate evasive manoeuvres at the right time to defeat modern torpedo threats.

The Torpedo Countermeasure System is a complete solution, covering all of the processes of the end-user – from the creation of tactical countermeasure plans to be employed when the submarine faces a torpedo threat, right up to testing.  Accordingly, the system has both submarine and ground support system components.

The submarine component of the system fulfils the Detection, Classification, Localization (DCL), and Decision Support functions, and features also a human-machine interface that is compatible with the command and control system consoles. In addition to its function as a countermeasure against torpedo threats, the system distinguishes itself from its peers in its ability to detect, classify, and localize torpedoes through DCL.


The ground-based components of the Torpedo Countermeasure System ensure torpedoes are countered with the most effective tactics by determining the optimum deployment configuration of jammers/decoys. They provide a medium for the development of acoustic environment simulations and engagement modelling.  The ground support components are also used to determine the key parameters of the decision support software and provide features for the uploading of appropriate tactics to submarine. Furthermore, the Torpedo Countermeasure System also includes countermeasure interface simulators, used for Command and Control Cystem and launcher testing and training.

Ahead of the Competition

Making use of its capabilities and expertise in acoustic signal processing, sensor fusion, and target detection, diagnosis, and classification, KoçSavunma has developed the most up-to-date Torpedo Countermeasure System on the market. Up-to-date algorithms and software technologies are employed to this end. The Torpedo Countermeasure System has been developed indigenously by KoçSavunma and is ready to serve to needs of friendly and allied nations with its adaptability to various platforms, presenting unlimited possibilities.

The Torpedo Countermeasure System of KoçSavunma is ahead of its competitors in various aspects:

Ability to adapt to, and integrate with, the preferred submarine command and control system of the end-user

Advanced and effective torpedo detection, classification, and localization

Decision support function for the determination of the best countermeasure launching sequence and evasive boat manoeuvres

Operation with expandable static and mobile acoustic jammers and decoys

Advanced and user-friendly operator/user interface

Simulation and modelling tools that facilitate torpedo detection and countermeasure planning

Acoustic modelling and simulation

Modelling and simulation of torpedo, countermeasure jammer/decoy units, and submarines

Planning and effectiveness analysis of torpedo countermeasures

Test and Training modes

Redundant, safe, and expandable system architecture

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Torpedo Countermeasure System
Ahead of the Competition