Real Time Acoustic Signals
with Signal Generator Software

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The indigenous and effective solutions of KoçSavunma include a series of sonar sub-systems. Among these, the Self-Noise Measurement Software analyses the data received from the different sonar sensors aboard underwater platforms in real-time, in online or offline mode, thus generating and analysing the self-noise information of the platform.

The Signal Generator Software sends real-time acoustic signals to the front electronic units of different sonar sensors aboard underwater platforms, in line with the scenarios. Thus, it ensures that the platforms’ signal processing algorithms and command and control software are verified and qualified by the land-based test system and port tests.

Specific Solutions for Specific Needs

The Self-Noise Measurement Software and Signal Generator Software are currently in use within the scope of Nationally Produced Integrated Underwater Combat Management System’s (Turkish abbreviation: MÜREN) Preveze-Class Application. This software can also be used aboard other platforms installed with sonar sensors. Thanks to their modular structures, this software can be rapidly adapted to different platforms and sonar sensors.

Supported Sonars

Cylindrical Hydrophone Array

Cylindrical Transducer Array

Lateral Array

Passive Ranging Array

Cylindrical Intercept Array

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Sonar Signal Processing Suite
Ahead of the Competition