Smartium Blue

Smartium Blue is a system that works 7/24 measuring different meteorological, oceanographic, visual, acoustic, etc. data in the marine environment, and especially sea water quality parameters. The system processes and analyses the generated “big data” and displays the analysis results to the user.

Smartium Blue is not just another “instant and in-situ” measurement system, it is rather an integrated information system that turns data into information in support of estimation. Through self-powered solar panel buoys or sea-deployed measurement units, the system collects instantaneous data continuously from multiple locations. The collected data is then transferred to the server system along with buoy status and locational information. The information generated from the combined sensor data is presented to a vast range of users with different interests and purposes (academia, administrative authorities, civil society organisations, etc) in a manner that best suits their interests and purposes. Users can re-configure the system according to their expectations and objectives. For instance, each user can set alarms for different parameters based on different threshold values, and when the threshold value is exceeded, the status is notified to the user via a direct message.

Turn-key Solution

KoçSavunma provides A to Z service, including use and maintenance of the system, cloud data storage, and the online delivery of the data to authorised persons.


Thanks to its scalable and modular structure, Smartium Blue can be used for different purposes, in addition to the monitoring of seawater quality. For instance, the system can be used as an offshore buoy for the transmission of regional maritime traffic information to central units, or as a smart lighthouse that can communicate the status information obtained by the lighthouse, to cruising ships. It can also collect acoustic data rather than water quality data and support such data with visual information.

Wide Range of Usage

Smartium Blue can be used by the administrative authorities (governorates, municipalities, etc) of coastal areas to gain information about pollution levels, and by public health management departments (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, etc.), port and marina establishments, fish farms, refineries and factories and installations that discharge into water bodies.

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