Life Cycle Perspective

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KoçSavunma solutions provide significant advantages to end-users in terms of maintenance, repair, and renewal processes, owing to our efforts that begin the development phases. KoçSavunma stands behind its products and continues to provide support even when there is no contractual obligation, ensuring the end-user is satisfied in all phases of the product lifecycle. The collective power of the sister companies of KoçSavunma – Koç Holding and KoçSistem – is another factor behind this reassurance.

KoçSavunma develops its product range with a product lifecycle perspective. Its works and analyses in product support are carried out in such a way they shed light also on product design. This is how KoçSavunma is able to create products that are easily maintained and that can be quickly repaired in the event of failure.


KoçSavunma creates integrated logistics plans in the earliest stages of its projects and creates integrated logistics support packages that contain training, maintenance, and repair documents in line with these plans.  KoçSavunma performs failure mode effects analyses and criticality analyses, reliability analyses, and functional failure analyses, and periodically reviews these analyses throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Applying a system engineering approach to product design, KoçSavunma creates modular solutions with open architectures, ensuring the easy renovation and modernisation of the products in the future.


KoçSavunma continues to provide support for its products even in the field when necessary.