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Underwater Warfare Analysis Simulation (UWAS) is a computer-based analysis and simulation application framework for modelling the detailed interaction between the underwater elements of warfare. The programme provides the user with a scenario generation mechanism in which the characteristics of engagement needed for an underwater warfare analysis can be defined. The UWAS is incorporated with a generic simulation engine, whose modelling fidelity is adjustable to time resolution. The simulation results can be exported for statistical performance analysis.


UWAS uses a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) infrastructure for model functions. The Application Programming Interface (API) supports the user in the use of defined DLLs in simulations.


Thanks to its expandable and modular architecture, UWAS can be adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of different users.


KoçSavunma continues its efforts to improve the simulation capabilities of UWAS by adding different models and increasing its simulation performance through the use of artificial intelligence.

Capabilities of UWAS

Scenario generation

Definition of the game field

Selection of element parameters

Definition of tactics

Uploading pre-defined scenarios

Environment modelling

Acoustic noise


Environmental noise

Spectral response

Sound speed profile

Sea bottom profile

Propagation losses

Engagement modelling

Torpedo modelling

Platform (surface, underwater) modelling

Countermeasure modelling

Tactical plan modelling

General Purpose API

Engagement operation

Rapid/fast modulation analysis

Multiple run analysis

Multiple level modelling fidelity

Engagement result output

Simulation recording

Adjustable simulation speed

User interface

3D visuals


Scenario uploading

Display of parameters of the elements during simulations

Start, pause and end simulation

Post-engagement analysis

Record and replay

Statistical performance analysis

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Underwater Warfare Analysis Simulation
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