Smartium Clean

Smartium Blue is a system that works 7/24 measuring different meteorological, oceanographic, visual, acoustic, etc. data in the marine environment, and especially sea water quality parameters. The system processes and analyses the generated “big data” and displays the analysis results to the user.

Cleaning the Water Surface Is Now Much Easier

With having different net options, Smartium Clean can clean solid wastes, natural deposits, formations such as mucilage and leaks like petroleum and oil over the water surface. Smartium Clean, which can perform autonomous cleaning in a predetermined route, can also be used by remote control. The vessel can be used safely in environments such as ports and marinas by the help of the on-board collision avoidance sensor. When remotely controlled, Smartium Clean transmits the images of the built-in camera to the operator. Thanks to the night vision capability of the built-in-camera, Smartium Clean can operate on a 24-hour basis. It can take photos and videos while on duty as well.


Smartium Clean, which works with rechargeable batteries and thus does not use fossil fuels, is also an environmental-friendly vehicle.

Designed for Intense Operation Tempo

Smartium Clean is designed for intensive operation tempo with its easily replaceable garbage nets, 3-hour battery capacity and easily replaceable batteries.


The adjustable operating speed of Smartium Clean also increases the user’s control over the vehicle and enables the most optimum use.

Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Use Solution for Users

Smartium Clean provides a cost-effective solution for municipalities, port operators, marinas, and similar institutions. With KoçSavunma providing on-site training support, the vehicle can be put into operation quickly thanks to its easy use. KoçSistem’s wide service network in Türkiye and around the world ensures that users can always receive service support for Smartium Clean.


Adaptable to Different Missions

Koç Savunma constantly updates Smartium Clean according to user feedbacks and different task requests. The company also adds new capabilities to the vehicle such as collecting water samples. It can also be used modularly in different tasks by uploading different payloads. For example, marine topology studies can be performed by installing side scan sonar to the Smartium Clean platform.

Smartium Clean is ready to perform new tasks according to evolving needs!


Smartium Clean’s Areas of Usage


• Marinas
• Bays
• Beaches
• Coastal bands
• Fishermen’s shelters
• Lake and ponds
• Water basins
• Rivers and inland waters
• Pools

Technical Features of Smartium Clean

Dimensions (Width x Length x Height) 850 x 950 x 530 mm
Weight Approx. 52 kg
Battery Capacity 3 hours
Speed Maximum 2 kts
Operating Conditions Up to sea state 2
Drive system ECS controlled engine
Surface cleaning capacity 1.000 m2/h (1 kt average speed)
Remote Operating Distance (Open Waters) 1.000 m
Remote Operating Distance (Inside Marina etc.) 500 m
Control Camera-assisted remote control
Autonomous operation capability
Garbage Collection Component Easily changeable if needed.
Battery On-charge or plug-in battery
Collision Avoidance System 4 ultrasonic sensors preventing front and rear collision
Body Material Composite
Security precautions • Full sealing including bodywork
• Wave and rain protection
• Non-sinking with puncture feature
• Propeller protection
Modularity Suitable for customization according to different usage purposes

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Smartium Clean
Ahead of the Competition

Mechanical Design
and Development