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The Breathing Air Monitoring System of KoçSavunma checks submarine’s atmospheric air for gasses in all operations (underwater cruising, snorkelling, surface cruising, routine harbour manoeuvres) and alerts if gasses reach threatening levels. The system runs autonomously and automatically.

The system consists of an Analysis Subsystem and a Sensor Subsystem, which operate redundantly. The Analysis Subsystem analyses the gas content of the air drawn centrally from different locations within the submarine. The gas samples to be analysed are transferred from many different locations within the submarine to the central unit by autonomous pneumatic systems. The results, alarms, and status signals are displayed to the operator simultaneously at the measurement point.


The Sensor Subsystem simultaneously displays at the measurement point the gas values of the air measured by sensors at various locations within the submarine.


The Breathing Air Monitoring System needs to operate with high reliability due to the importance of its function.  The system reflects the expertise of KoçSavunma in naval platforms and product development and offers a cost-effective solution that can function throughout the lifecycle of the platform thanks to its redundant system design and subcomponents boasting high values in the meantime between failures (MTBF). Moreover, KoçSavunma’s high-quality maintenance and repair support throughout the lifespan of the system ensure the utmost confidence in the user.


The Breathing Air Monitoring System can be integrated into naval platforms and all  military or civilian areas where gas measurement is required. The gasses monitored and the screen displays can be customised to satisfy the needs of the user.

Technical Characteristics

The Analysis Subsystem can calibrate automatically.

The Analysis Subsystem measures samples taken from 18 different points aboard the submarine.

The system transmits status data to various other systems of the boat.

Tested in accordance with the environmental conditions encountered on submarine platforms.

  • o MIL-STD-810F Temperature, Humidity, Thermal Shock
  • MIL-S-901D Shock
  • MIL-STD-461E EMC
  • DOD-STD-1399 Magnetic

Sensor Subsystem provides uninterrupted measurement.

The Sensor Subsystem takes measurements with sensor groups in 10 different compartments of the submarine.

The system runs automatically.

The system monitors hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphate, chlorine and refrigerant gases (R134A and R404A), and provides a warning when the threshold values are exceeded.

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Breathing Air Monitoring System
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