Flexible Solution

KoçSavunma’s Emergency Underwater Telephone is used in cases where the submarine cannot surface and the conventional underwater telephone cannot be powered by the submarines supply (or when the limited onboard power is allocated to other systems due to an emergency). The system offers different operating modes, functioning as a telephone, telegram, beacon, etc. Thanks to the selectable power levels, the system can operate uninterruptedly for long periods.

The Emergency Underwater Telephone can be operated at standard NATO communication frequencies as well as frequencies selected by the user. In addition to its battery, the system can draw power from the onboard power supply. The system has an SOS function for emergencies.

In its current form, the product can be used not only in aboard submarines, but also in small boats and vessels that lack the power and space for the integration of classic underwater telephones.  Furthermore, owing to its scalable and digital-based infrastructure, the product can be adapted to non-emergency situations (such as tactical communications) aboard larger ships and submarines.

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