The management and all employees of KoçSavunma do hereby undertake to:

Ensure that the mission and vision of the company are known by all employees and business partners, and to progress together towards common goals,

Carry out activities in line with laws, regulations, international standards, and UN Global Compact,

Develop company processes in line with internationally validated standards (CMMI, ISO 9001) with a focus on the demands and needs of customers, and to provide services using technologies that maximise the productivity of the customer,

Ensure the security of documents, buildings, facilities, machinery, vehicles, and equipment, preventing unauthorised access to classified information and materials,

Provide support with on-site controls to be prepared for events that affect the critical functions and processes of delivered products as part of maintenance responsibilities,

Measure the performance of projects carried out with sound data, and correct methods and systems, providing input for continuous improvement,

Develop creative and innovative products and services in line with the expectations of customers by supporting business processes with new ideas,

Apply strategic management approaches that focus on customer requests and needs, keeping satisfaction above expectations, and creating value,

Establish beneficial relationships with suppliers and organisations with which we work in the ecosystem, and to continue to grow with them,

Closely monitor internal and external issues, partners’ needs, the expectations of partners and the changing global conditions, to consider the risks associated with processes and services, and to focus on opportunities to maintain success,

Provide effective, realistic, and applicable solutions through customer evaluations, while protecting customer rights,

Work in accordance with quality management processes, and ensure customer satisfaction

The essential process improvement activities of KoçSavunma:

Includes determination of areas open to improvement and carrying out yearly self-assessment processes.

The submission of ideas is encouraged and all ideas are evaluated.

Every employee's opinions are always valued.

Proposals received from each channel are evaluated.

Submitted recommendations are always considered.

SEI CMMI v1.3 Maturity Level 3

KoçSavunma has held a CMMI (Capability maturity model integration) certificate since 2007. CMMI is a widely used model around the world indicating the level of maturity of the organisation, being a measure of the proper execution of their works. KoçSavunma’s CMMI Level 3 certificate was renewed most recently in April 2019.

ISO 9001:2015

Since its establishment, KoçSavunma has always worked in accordance with the process architecture established under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. All of its operations are carried out in line with this principle.

Industrial Competence Evaluation and Support Program (EYDEP)

Koç Bilgi ve Savunma Teknolojileri A.Ş. (KoçSavunma) has been awarded the A-level -the highest level certificate- in the Software and Design (ES-501) category of the Industrial Competence Evaluation and Support Program (EYDEP) conducted by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB).

A-level firms;

  • Are able to bid as the main contractor for SSB projects,
  • Can be the main contractor or a business partner in projects of prime contractor (main integrator) companies,
  • Can be directly assigned as approved supplier for prime contractor (main integrator) companies which are a stakeholder in EYDEP and
  • Can be directly addressed as a supplier for foreign contractors.