The KoçSavunma Wake Detector is a high-frequency active sonar system which is attached to underwater platforms/weapons for detecting the presence of surface platforms from their wake. For this, the wake in the form of micron-sized air bubbles created by the propeller and hull cavitation of surface platforms that can reach a certain depth are used. The system detects the wake and measures its thickness. It sends a high-frequency acoustic signal through the transducer to detect the wake track and to process the returning acoustic echo.

Indigenous Solution

The Wake Detector is an indigenously developed product of KoçSavunma that is subjected to no export license limitations. The system is ready to satisfy the needs of friendly and allied nations.

New Tasks and Capabilities

The wake detector can be adopted as an obstacle avoidance sensor and acoustic proximity fuse.

KoçSavunma’s Superior Capabilities that Places
Wake Detector System
Ahead of the Competition